Meet the Coaches Week 1: Dai’Mar Harris


As we get ready to kick off our 4th year of Summer League Jr. NBA we wanted to introduce some of the Men and Women who dedicate their time, energy, and effort to ensure each season is successful on and off the court.

 This week our team sat down with Dai’Mar Harris who is a Summer League Jr. NBA veteran with a wealth of knowledge and coaching experience.

Name: Dai’Mar Harris

Occupation: Coach

Do you currently coach: Currently a coach at Desert Pines High School

Years Coaching: 8 years coaching

Did you play in high school: Played high school basketball at Desert Pines High School

Did you play in college: Played college basketball at Minnesota West Tech

Who is your favorite NBA coach: Favorite NBA coach is Greg Popovich because he really teaches the game the correct way. Fewer dribbles, more passing, teamwork and he’s a winner!

How do you think the Summer League Jr. NBA Basketball League helps players: The Jr NBA helps players by allowing them to bond and meet new players because of the short time frame. They also learn how to rapidly intake instructions and drills effectively enough to play a competitive basketball games.

Is there something cool about you or a hobby you enjoy that we may not know about you: Something cool about me is that I can play the piano but can’t read music. I listen, and then I repeat what I hear.

If Hollywood made a movie of your life, who would you choose to play you: If Hollywood made a movie of my life, I would want Will Smith to be the actor that plays me.

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