Meet the Coaches Week 3: Markcus Falley

Halfway through the Summer League Jr. NBA Regular Season we have seen massive growth from our players and broadcasters! We want to thank our coaches for putting in the time, effort, and energy necessary to continue to develop our student-athletes.

Getting ready for Week 3 of the 2019 Fall Season our staff caught up with Spurs Coach Markcus Falley.

Name: Markcus Falley
Occupation: Game Changer

Do you currently coach: Summer League Jr. NBA

Years Coaching: Two years of coaching 

Did you play in high school: I played high school basketball at Durango High School.

Did you play in college: I played college basketball at Pacific University. 

Who is your favorite NBA coach: My favorite NBA coach is Phil Jackson because he uses meditation and psychology to get his players ready for each game.

How do you think the Summer League Jr. NBA Basketball League helps players:  The league teaches players about basketball IQ at the same time as teaches them about the game and about having fun playing basketball, which is the most important thing at this age. 

Is there something cool about you or a hobby you enjoy that we may not know about you: I have a really cute and amazing four-year-old son!

If Hollywood made a movie of your life, who would you choose to play you: Will Smith. He can be serious, goofy and professional, all at the same time.

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