Meet the Coaches Week 4: Nitza Paola Brand Restrepo

With the final week of the 2019 regular season coming in hot, Nitza Paola Brand Restrepo sat down with our team and talked about her 10 years of coaching experience and the reason she enjoys coaching Summer League Jr. NBA student-athletes. 

Name: Nitza Paola Brand Restrepo

Occupation: Dance/ PE Teacher and Communities in School Senior Seminar Coach 

Do you currently coach? Girls JV Basketball Coach at Eldorado HS

Years Coaching: 10 yrs. Desert Pines High School, Orr Middle School, Eldorado High School

Did you play in high school: Vo-Tech 

Did you play in college? I participated in basketball Intramurals at UNLV but did not play with the team.

Who is your favorite NBA coach & why? It would have to be Pat Summit aside from the many known accomplishments her program maintained a 100% graduation rate for players who completed their eligibility at Tennessee which meant that her focus wasn’t just on basketball it was just or more important to her that her players finished school .

How do you think the Summer League Jr. NBA Basketball League helps players? It gives opportunities to kids who normally would not be able to afford a traveling team. 

Is there something cool about you or a hobby you enjoy that we may not know about you? I have been performing at Salsa Congresses around the world for the past 16yrs. and have been teaching Salsa for 15yrs.  

If Hollywood made a movie of your life, who would you choose to play you? Michelle Rodriguez

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