Meet the Coaches Week 5: Martez Christian


As we get ready for year 4 of the Summer League Jr. NBA Fall League Playoffs our team was fired up to sit down with 2018 Fall League champion Martez Christian to see what he had to say about the impact Summer League Jr. NBA has had on him.

Name: Martez Christian
Occupation: Basketball Freelancer & Coach

Do you currently coach: Summer League Jr. NBA 

Years Coaching: Two

Did you play basketball in HS: Las Vegas HS and Desert Pines HS

Did you play basketball in college: University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Who is your favorite NBA coach and why? Tie between Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson because of their philosophy about the game.

How do you think the Summer League Jr. NBA Basketball League helps players? It’s gives the young athletes another avenue to work of their craft and learn the skills necessary to compete on and off the court.

Is there something cool about you or a hobby you enjoy that we may not know about you? I’m an open book! 

If Hollywood made a movie of your life, who would you choose to play you?  Lakeith Stanfield

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